Place of Last Drink

Helping retailers put a cork in over-service.

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POLD seeks to identify the location where a person last consumed alcohol when they are involved in an alcohol-related incident (DUI, assaults, and other offenses).

We hope that providing information on problem trends will help retailers be able to improve serving practices and eventually reduce alcohol-related incidents in the community.

For Minnesota agencies, it’s free/no cost to join or collect data.

Information collected by the investigating officer is entered into a database (takes <1 minute) and allows departments to concentrate education and enforcement efforts towards areas of concern.

Number of injuries in alcohol-related crashes

Number of motorists arrested for DWIs


Percentage of DWI offenders age 20–29


Percentage of traffic fatalities involving a drunk driver

POLD Snapshot

POLD Entries by: Offense and Location Type

POLD Presents Outcomes at Conference

17th Alcohol Policy Conference, April 6-8, 2016 in Arlington, VA

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POLD Hosts a Booth at ETI

POLD booth would like to share information about the free database available for sign-up for agencies to use as data collection.

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POLD Presents at Annual Toward Zero Deaths Conference

This session showed attendees how to set up RAVE and POLD programs in their community and reviewed successful efforts already happening.

What is RAVE and POLD? It’s Not Alphabet Soup!